Iguodala For a Big a Dream?


Photo credit: ambasketball.com

Andre Iguodala is, I would argue, probably the second best wing defender in the NBA behind Lebron James. Some would say he’s the best. He can distribute, dunk in style, and is a good all around player. However, he will never be able to justify his big contract because he will never be a star or close to it because he lacks the scoring. So you would expect the 76ers to try to entertain offers for Iguodala this offseason, and the Sixers biggest need remains a very good center that can rebound and defend.

So I headed to the ESPN trade machine to try out some trade ideas for Andre Iguodala while trying to fill that hole on the roster.

Idea 1: 76ers and Hornets: Andre Iguodala and Andres Nocioni for Emeka Okafor and Trevor Ariza.

I think that this is a very reasonable trade idea. Even though Okafor has a poor contract like Iguodala, it would fill a huge need for Philadelphia in that we desperately need someone who can rebound and be tough, and Okafor can at least rebound and be a little tough, a nice complement to Elton Brand in the way they both play. Ariza would provide a solid player who can get hot at times, and could start with Meeks if Turner isn’t ready. If Turrner is ready to start, then Ariza could start along side of him and Meeks would be a great sharpshooter off the bench, something the Sixers lack.

The question, though is whether New Orleans would want to make this trade as an attempt to show Chris Paul that they are trying to get very good players around him. It would be a huge gamble, because if Paul still chooses to go, then the Hornets would be stuck with Andre Iguodala as a star and nothing else. But I would be willing to bet that if they are sold (The NBA controls them right now) the new owner will try to do everything in his power to get Paul to stay.

Idea 2: 76ers and Suns: Andre Iguodala and Elton Brand for Steve Nash, Robin Lopez and Vince Carter.

This trade would be the ultimate,” We had a nice year, but we should probably get rid of our terrible contracts to a team that won’t rip their aging team up and will take bad contracts to be competitive.” It’s probably even doubtful that the Suns would accept it. But from the 76ers side, we would get a young center with potential and athleticism, although he hasn’t shown it. We would get a surefire hall of famer in Stave Nash, and Vince Carter’s terrible beard. Now, I know you’re probably cursing,” VINCE CARTER!!!!!!”, but he is an $18 million dollar expiring contract. Steve Nash is a  $10 million expiring contract and still an all-star caliber player.

That’s $28 million already coming off the books without including all the other expiring contracts, and by the way, Lopez’s contract expires as well. Of course, this trade would probably sacrifice the 76ers season – their frontcourt situation will go from bad to inexplicably horrible. Historically bad, unless Maurreese Speights starts playing up to his abilities and Thad can play big enough to start at power forward.

But think of all the flexibility this trade would create, and the excitement of Steve Nash every night, switching on and off with Jrue Holiday on the ball and having an exciting season, if not a good one. This would also allow the 76ers to be able to justify playing young guys even if the season goes south. The lottery pick also wouldn’t hurt.

For the Suns, it could get accepted because numerous times their owner Robert Sarver has said that blowing up your team doesn’t get you anywhere. A dominant wing defender and good distributor in Iguodala and Elton Brand’s scoring down low could help the Suns stay semi-competitive. They also traded for Aaron Brooks this season, so it looks as though they are getting ready to part with Nash.

So while it’s very likely the Suns would reject this trade, and the Sixers short term would have no gain, and probable loss, the cap space makes this option intriguing.

Idea 3: 76ers and Rockets: Andre Iguodala for Hasheem Thabeet, Patrick Patterson and Brad Miller.

This trade would also be a very long-minded trade, as mostly what the 76ers would be getting back would be a grizzled, limited veteran and two young bigs with potential. However, the 76ers could opt out of the final two year’s of Thabeet’s contract, which would create about five million in cap space, and then have an intriguing prospect at forward with Patrick Peterson and an average veteran in Brad Miller to help play center, which is better than Spencer Hawes. Who knows, maybe he could even mentor Marreese Speights. But this deal also probably wouldn’t be the best idea for us, as in the short term it would be awful. You get rid of you’re best player for risks; that’s not what Rod Thorn has in mind.

Idea 4: Andre Iguodala for Brendan Haywood, two first round picks and Corey Brewer.

(Deal can’t be completed until the 15th of December because Brewer was signed as a free agent this year)

This would fill a need at center with Haywood, and with a wing defender to potentially take over for Iggy, who can also shoot with Brewer, this trade makes sense for the 76ers. On the other side Dallas would be able to let Caron Butler walk in free agency, bulk up their defense, and go for an instant championship with lots of pieces in place. They don’t use Brewer much so it won’t be much of a loss, and Haywood isn’t nearly as good as the start, Tyson Chandler. Hence the two first round picks. Since you can’t trade first rounders in back to back years, the 76ers would get one at least three years down the line, hopefully when Dallas is a struggling aging team.

So those are four ideas, although a couple of these are far-fetched. Iggy to Chicago is also possible, but what will Chicago offer? Maybe a package with Taj Gibson? Anyway, if there are any ideas you have that work, put them in the comments box. We can take a look at them as well.