Mock Drafts Around the Web


Linking to various mock drafts. Note that only ESPN’s requires an account, but, for your benefit, I’m linking a blurb for that and each, along with links to entire mock drafts.

A note: this is a snapshot. While it gives you a good idea of where it looks like the Sixers are going, they are by no means the only things you should look at. For example, seeing the names that drop to the Sixers should alert you to look where they are in other drafts. That is, if a player is projected to the Sixers in one draft and is selected higher up in every other draft, then you should probably think the odds of getting to the Sixers are low. Also, look to see the teams drafting similar players below and above the player. They could make moves up or down depending on who they want. So take these with a grain of salt.

Finally, if there’s an informative, reputable mock that I missed, let me know. I’ll add it. Feel free to put hopes or predictions in the comments. Everything is after the jump.

ESPN’s Chad Ford

Markieff Morris

"The Sixers really need a big man, and Morris, a Philly native, is the best left on the board. Morris has a rep as a good defender, shot-blocker and rebounder — but he also proved at Kansas this year that he can step out and hit the 3."


Tristan Thompson

"Thompson is a good overall athlete, adequately quick and explosive, bouncy and active around the basket. Even if he is not an elite athlete by NBA standards, his freshman season was characterized by his energy and while he is not particularly skilled, he asserted himself simply through his consistently high effort level."

Yahoo’s (via DraftExpress) Jonathon Givony

Tristan Thompson

"With Elton Brand past his prime and Thaddeus Young entering restricted free agency, power forward appears to be the biggest position of need for the 76ers. Thompson could give the Sixers some added toughness and athleticism, which would surely please head coach Doug Collins."

Markieff Morris

Scored 94 out of possible 120 on their rating scale.

"Morris set of skills will certainly be coveted by NBA teams looking for stability and depth up front … He shows pick n’ pop potential and the ability to man up opposing bigs… Though he lacks the upside of most lottery picks, he’s one of the safest options in this year’s draft … Comparing him to his brother Marcus, Markieff is bigger, stronger and more athletic but lacks his younger twin’s offensive ability…"

Rotoworld/NBC’s Steve Alexander

Klay Thompson

"The Sixers would love to see one of the top centers take a fall to 16 so they could get a possible replacement for duds like Spencer Hawes, Tony Battie and Marreese Speights, but a pick this low won’t get it done – at least as of now. Andre Iguodala always feels a step closer to a departure out of Philly and Thompson has the potential to replace him down the line…"

Sports Illustrated’s Sam Amick

Donatas Motiejunas

On an unrelated note, this was the first mock draft I saw that had the Pacers not drafting a white guy.

"Motiejunas might not be the prototypical big man the Sixers are looking for, but he’s a good value this deep. There are questions about the 20-year-old’s drive and lack of progress that appear to be pushing him in the wrong direction on the draft board."

CBS Sports’ Dave Del Grande

Markieff Morris

"The 76ers need someone more like Samuel Dalembert, but he doesn’t exist this low in the draft. So taking the most defensive minded power forward has to suffice."

CBS Sports’ Eye on Basketball (Matt Moore and Ben Golliver)

Moore: Lucas Noguiera

Golliver: Markieff Morris

TNT and’s David Aldridge

Bismack Biyombo

"Sixers aren’t completely sold on any of their backup bigs, and the intriguing Biyombo — who was the talk of the Nike Hoop Summit a few weeks ago — already knows how to throw his weight around."

Kristofer Habbas of NBA Draft Insider

Marcus Morris

"Morris is a very versatile power forward who can step out on the perimeter when needed. He is a solid ball-handler with a face up game and a lot of potential on offense. He is a little undersized for his position, but his high energy and rebounding skills help balance that in games."