Sixers Free Agency Wishlist: Point Guards


March 17, 2013; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Sacramento Kings point guard Tyreke Evans (13) moves the ball up court against the Los Angeles Lakers during the first half at Staples Center. Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

As we have seen this Sixers’ season horribly progress, we are also seeing the lack of quality depth this team has on this roster. In this first article of my free agency wishlist series, I am going to look at the point guard position, which is lacking. especially in the backup role.

For the Sixers in free agency, I think they should take a look at three potential point guards that could back-up Jrue Holiday or either supplant him moving to the shooting guard position. The first point guard that the Sixers should look at, and he should come on the cheap is Indiana Pacers point guard, D.J. Augustin. Augustin, will be an unrestricted free agent this summer and only made $3.5 million this season.

Here are Augustin’s stats this season:

Points per game: 4.8

Assists per game: 2.2

Rebounds per game: 1.2

Turnovers per game: 0.9

From those stats alone I would take a look at him, and give him at least a one year deal. He didn’t score a lot in Indiana because George Hill is starting, and Lance Stephenson is finally emerging into a nice young guard for the Pacers. With that being said, Augustin most likely won’t be back, and if he comes to the Sixers his numbers will increase.

The second point guard that the Sixers should take a look at this summer in free agency is Eric Maynor. Maynor can be a good backup point guard for the Sixers, and he has been a backup for Oklahoma City and now with Portland. Maynor’s salary this season is $2.3 million.

Here are Maynor’s stats this season:

Points per game: 4.3

Assists per game: 2.8

Rebounds per game: 0.8

Turnovers per game: 1.2

If you compare Maynor’s and Augustin’ stats they are very similar, but what concerns me the most is that Maynor turns the ball over more than Augustin. Maynor is doing all of this while averaging 14.7 minutes per game this season. If he could come in for 15 minutes per game to give Jrue Holiday a rest, then that just might help Jrue not to burn out at the end of the season as he currently is right now. Unlike Augustin, Maynor is a restricted free agent, so the Trailblazers can match any offer that the Sixers or any team makes for him.

Finally, the last point guard that I think the Sixers should pursue this summer is the hometown kid, Tyreke Evans. This one is the most unlikely of the bunch, but you never know, it could happen. The only way this happens is if the Sixers could move Evan Turner this summer, and then move Jrue Holiday to the shooting guard or putting Evans at the two guard. This possible backcourt for the Sixers really intrigues me, and hopefully they go after him.

Here are Evans’ stats this season:

Points per game: 15.6

Assists per game: 3.6

Rebounds per game: 4.6

Turnovers per game: 2.0

These are solid numbers, and would help the Sixers tremendously, but don’t be alarmed with this two turnovers per game because he plays almost 32 minutes per game. Evans is only making $5.2 million this season, but just like Maynor he is a restricted free agent so the Sacramento Kings can up the ante for Evans. If the Sixers can get one of these three point guards, I will be extremely satisfied with the Sixers’ backcourt situation going into next season.

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