Andrew Wiggins, we've all ..."/>

Andrew Wiggins, we've all ..."/>

Andrew Wiggins, we've all ..."/>

The Reason For The Winless For Wiggins Campaign


Andrew Wiggins, we’ve all heard the name by now, but do you know why he’s being touted as the next LeBron James or Kevin Durant? It’s easy to believe the hype if you’ve never heard of the kid or seen him play, but it’s easier when you see the product. If you’ve never seen Wiggins play, or YouTube clips aren’t doing justice, the Toronto native will be playing his college ball at Kansas this season. Trust me, most games will be nationally televised.

Wiggins is a genetic freak, he’s apart of the LeBron James gene pool that come around every blue moon. He’s 18 years old, standing at 6’8 197 lbs. He has the length of Kevin Durant (7’0 wingspan), with the athleticism of Vince Carter in his prime. Yeah, I said it. One of the more impressive things about Wiggins, especially considering his size, is his lethal jump shot. Wiggins has the ability to stop on a dime and raise up, especially from distance. His jumper is clean looking and his height gives him the ability to get his jumper, whenever he wants it. Check out this video from DraftExpress on Wiggins 3 point shooting, I think he missed 4 shots this whole video:

While becoming more and more familiar with Wiggins, he seems more comparable to Kevin Durant than anybody. Wiggins has received criticism for seeming to lack a killer instinct on the court, something people thought Durant lacked during his early years. Especially in the Finals two years ago, critics say Durant was too friendly with LeBron during the Finals and that led to the loss. Kevin Durant has shown that he indeed, does have the killer instinct required to be a superstar in the NBA. If Wiggins is anything like that, he will pass the test of time and prove how lethal he can be. Wiggins also has all the tools to be a top tier defensive player when he steps onto the NBA court. His 7’0 wingspan combined with his quickness and top flight athleticism make him an ideal elite wing defender. His length will give him the ability to disrupt anyone’s jumper, even if he is running on a close out. I can’t wait to see this guy block a shot and then run down the court for a slam.

So, what kind of role will Wiggins play in the NBA? That answer is obvious when you watch a little tape on him. I was watching some tape on Wiggins from the 2012 Nike Hoops Summit when he was just 17. One thing is clear, Wiggins is a scorer and shows no hesitation of getting his shot up. Hesitation is not in his game. Wiggins is a tremendous finisher and good at drawing fouls also. Wiggins also has shown skills to be a capable ball handler also, he can definitely play point forward in the NBA. It’s obvious he is most comfortable with the ball in his hands, so Wiggins will definitely need to work on moving without the ball in the NBA to tap all of his tremendous potential.

Still not sold on Wiggins? Watch this mix-tape from his Senior year at Huntington Prep (WV) and I’m sure you’ll understand why the Winless for Wiggins campaign is so popular:

Still think Wiggins is overrated? Check out what Wiggins thinks about that. This video shows how Wiggins performs after a crowd chants “Underrated” at him:

After scouting and watching some tape on Andrew Wiggins, it’s clear why he’s the consensus #1 overall pick of a draft that almost a full year away. His game is NBA ready and so is his body. The things this kid can do definitely make your jaw drop, on both sides of the court. It will be exciting to watch Wiggins on a national stage at Kansas this year. More interesting, will be to see how he stacks up to college competition. This is Drew Corrigan and I fully endorse the Winless for Wiggins campaign!