Throwback Thursday: Joel Embiid AAU Mixtape


Before Joel Embiid’s Twitter account, before he exploded at Kansas, and before he tried to court Rihanna, Joel Embiid was a little known 7-footer from Cameroon. We’ve uncovered some footage of Embiid from prehistoric times, before the kid even played in high school. The footage below is from Embiid’s first summer playing AAU ball and this comes at the time when he had only been throwing the ball in the hoop for a singular year.

Embiid was destroying kids who look about the size of a fifth grader, so it makes sense why he became such a hot commodity. However, his first season at Kansas showed that the dude is the real deal and possibly the next Hakeem Olajuwon.

Check out some extremely early Embiid footage below and just enjoy: