2015 NBA Draft: 5 International Prospects to Watch for 76ers

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4. Mouhammadou Jaiteh, C, France (Nanterre)

Jaiteh was once a potential early second-round pick with potential for the 2013 NBA Draft. Now, he looks to be a late first-round guy in 2015. Jaiteh is an impressive rebounder and scorer for Nanterre in France, also impressing at the 2013 Nike Hoops Summit. Jaiteh can definitely impose himself on the game on either end, and he has solid potential as a serviceable two-way center.

The issues with Jaiteh are similar to those with Hezonja; Jaiteh can be physically dominant if he’s locked in. Jaiteh has had attitude and focus problems playing in France, and he can be incredibly inconsistent, even though athletically he’s one of the better players in the French league. This, and the fact that his skill set may overlap with the other bigs Philadelphia has on roster, could make him less than desirable if he’s available for the taking. However, the Sixers would likely stash Jaiteh if they took him with one of their second-round picks. He’s a scarily imposing talent, which could make him worth selection anyway.