76ers 2013 Draftee Arsalan Kazemi Signs Deal in China

I have some shocking news for the 76ers community out there: another draft pick will not be playing for the 76ers this season. If you already read the title, then my lede means little-to-nothing, but it’s okay. According to reports, a 2013 second-round pick by the 76ers, Arsalan Kazemi, has signed in China for this season.

Kazemi was present at Chongqing’s media day yesterday and absent at the 76ers media day today, so there we go. The 76ers won’t be missing much from Kazemi. The former Oregon player is nothing much but a ferocious rebounder and should do well playing overseas for another year.

Although, it would have been nice to have another Oregon Duck in the city, right Chip?

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