76ers Coach Brett Brown Compares Ronald Roberts to Kenneth Faried

Every year when the 76ers open training camp, there seems to be a local guy that everyone is rooting for to make the team. Last year it was Temple Owl standout Khalif Wyatt, who failed to make the team. This season, it’s Ronald Roberts Jr. from St. Joe’s, who has a serious shot to make this 76ers squad.

Roberts put a lot of people on notice during his time in the Orlando Summer League with Philly. He’s an explosive player that never seems to run out of energy, always being at the right place on the floor. If you ask coach Brett Brown about Ronald Roberts, he’ll compare him to Denver Nuggets forward Kenneth Faried, right coach (via Philly.com)?

“I think he’s a [Kenneth] Faried wannabe,” said Brown, referring to the Denver forward nicknamed “Manimal.” “We wish he would be that. He’s a good kid. He’ll come in and he’s one of the many high flyers that we have in the program. He’s extremely athletic, extremely energized. We’ll try to grow him into try to understanding that he can have an effect in the NBA.”

That quote right there sounds like Roberts has already showed he can be an NBA player in the first few days of camp and the 76ers head coach is noticing. The 76ers were the worst squad defensively in the NBA last season and inserting a plug like Roberts could help the 76ers start to form a defensive mindset, along with Nerlens Noel.

“I have that mindset of just coming in with energy, try to rebound and knock down open shots when I have the opportunity,” said the soft-spoken Roberts. “I think I play hard enough and have a defensive mindset. So if you go into the game not looking to score and not worried about your offense . . . I play with defense first and then I let things happen like that. I think I can contribute right away.”As for the Faried comparisons?”I don’t want to compare myself to him,” Roberts said with a laugh. “Maybe [similar in] style. He had a great summer, he’s doing great. He’s way far ahead of me, but I think he was trying to talk in terms of how hard we play. I think it’s a good comparison. I’m not there yet, but I think it’s similar styles.”

Obviously, Roberts is aware of where he is and how far he has to come to really reach those Kenneth Faried heights, I mean the guy just won a Gold Medal. However, an undrafted free agent being compared to a Team USA member is a serious compliment. He may already have a roster spot locked up, so don’t be surprised if Ronald Roberts is a member of the 76ers come opening night.