Complete Breakdown of 76ers New Signee Malcolm Thomas

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If you were too busy partying last night, or sleeping, or watching American Horror Story like I was, you might have missed the big news. Well, before we get to that: The 76ers officially waived three people yesterday in Malcolm Lee, Drew Gordon and Ronald Roberts. However, there was more to the day for the 76ers, because Hinkie doesn’t sleep.

Neither does Woj and that’s why he broke this story at 11:18 on a Saturday night. To be honest, the fact that Wojnarowski wrote the whole column before posting it shows you how little the move means, but let’s get past that.

After the 76ers waived three players, Malcolm Thomas — a 6’9″ forward with a 7’0″ wingspan — was signed for the season. So, who exactly is Malcolm Thomas and why did I tweet his name in capitals when I read the tweet from Woj?

A mini-Taj Gibson with range should be enough to get any 76ers fan excited. Come on, we watched Brandon Davies for 82 FREAKING GAMES LAST SEASON.

So, where has he been before the 76ers? Let’s begin.