Complete Breakdown of 76ers New Signee Malcolm Thomas

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Besides what he can bring on the offensive end, the 6’9″ forward is also a solid presence on the defensive end. Below is a GIF of Malcolm Thomas blocking Bucks forward John Henson — who is a damn good player. Notice how after the block happens and Thomas gets the rebound, he starts chugging up the court for a transition opportunity. Things like that are why the 76ers signed him.

He also had some nice post defense on Henson in the same game. I was really impressed with the way he defended throughout this whole video.

That’s solid post defense against a legitimate NBA power forward who is massive. He doesn’t give Henson any space to operate, doesn’t let him back down and forces him into a terrible shot that has a low percentage of going in. Even if the shot went in, I’d still consider it great defense.