76ers-Celtics Recap: 101-90 Was the Score, 76ers Lose


93. Final. 101. 18. 90

L,L,L,L,L,L,L,L,L,L,L: Russell-Chamberlain, Malone-Parrish, Bird-Erving, Pierce-Iverson and  . . . . and . . . Kelly OlynykHenry Sims???

Honestly, Boston (4-6) is considerably better than the Sixers. They featured Rajon Rondo, Jared Sullinger, Jeff Green and Phil Pressey. (Yes, the son of the terrific former Milwaukee Buck, Paul Pressey – now an assistant coach)

This game was the first of four meetings between the 76ers (0-11) and the Boston Celtics. In the early going of this season the Celtics have not defended that well. Who would really know however, when facing off against the listless Sixer offense?

Trying to outscore teams without having an formidable offense makes a poor defensive effort look even worse. The 76ers managed only 19 second quarter points and they did not guard anyone well.

The point guard match-up between Rajon Rondo (13 assists tonight) and Michael Carter-Williams was talked about, but it proved uneventful.  Rondo totaled more assists in the second half than the Sixers did as a team. Additionally, Rondo averages a unique stat line with eight rebounds a game. This is more productive than the Sixer frontcourt.

Jeff Green has tremendous “size to skill ratio” and is a top talent in the NBA, according to Cedric Maxwell. He showed that tonight and punished the Sixers at both ends of the court. “Cornbread”, even went as far as calling Green “one of the most talented athletes in Celtic history.;” rather large statement.

Nerlens Noel played hard and is improving while attempting to acquire intangibles. He is very underdeveloped offensively but seems to be getting more and more comfortable. His baby hook is not accurate yet, but he does not lack hesitancy. Noel’s initiative at 20-years-old is something to admire at the moment. He met the final shot of the first half rudely, as Noel’s shot blocking ability is special.

Brett Brown may be disgusted. Everyone’s pride is hurt at some point. I don’t know how much more a successful driven coach can endure. The Sixers play terrible defense. They float in space without responsibility or communication. What they lack conceptually is compounded by transparent spurts without effort.

Nonetheless, the Sixers pressed on and fought to the second half buzzer. It was 46-46 at the half.

At halftime he was not lost for words, “We didn’t share the ball, we didn’t contest shots, we were sluggish . . . . so, we must fight for everything we can in order to get a win,” said Brown.

The Sixers found themselves down 61-57 with 5:00 remaining in the 3rd. The game however, lacked excitement throughout.

It was not even exciting when Tony Wroten (21 points tonight) ended the 3rd quarter with a half-court foot three to make it 73-68. Wroten is having a good year and he is warrior. But it seems embarrassing to realize that the 76ers have been reduced to a sideshow; the long-range jumper was just as good as any other shot in their game plan tonight. It was a higher percentage play than Williams’s prancing up the floor with a soft bounce game.

Michael Carter-Williams hit a three for the Sixers with 6:00 left in the game to make the score 78-70 only to watch, literally watch, Boston storm down and score with ease.

Aside from the youth and a lack of defensive sophistication, the Sixers have seven undrafted players on the roster and it really shows.

They trailed 90-82 with 4:40 left; then it became 94-84 with 3:00 remaining after Rondo hit a three.  With 1:55 in the game, there was another dagger three, this time by Sullinger made it 97-86.

It was all over but the crying at 101-86 when a Boston clean lob led to a clean catch and a clean dunk.

The Celtics Brandon Bass scored 23 points and Jared Sullinger finished with 22.

The Sixers are fighting to stave off the 0-15 franchise record for worst start.

The NBA record is 0-18 for win-less starts.

If the Sixers duplicate this start just seven more times they will have achieved the unthinkable. It is probable if the Sixers drop every game the League will pass resolutions and rule changes to protect the integrity of their products. This could get very interesting before it is over. It’s definitely hard to watch.

The 76ers are playing with almost nothing. They have players stashed overseas, players injured on the bench, and a key part of their roster now plays in the NCAA. Who might it be? Jahil Okafor? Karl-Anthony Towns? Stanley Johnson? Emmanuel Muiday? No doubt Hinkie is pondering this already with the 0-11 start in mind and no end in sight.

Overall, perhaps the Sixers can offer a number of contract incentives to keep the team inspired. In order to prevent the chances of shattering NBA records and overall records in sports, they need motivation in the areas of defensive transition, rebounding, and securing the ball.

Philadelphia hosts the Phoenix Suns Friday.