NBA Draft: Sixers Related Big Board

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This is me on draft night if the Sixers pass on D’Angelo Russell. Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

It’s draft week, my friends. With the 2015 NBA Draft only three days away, it’s time for an updated big board. As the title says, the big board is Sixers related. But really, my own personal rankings don’t differ all that much from a Sixers related rankings. The Sixers need help pretty much everywhere, and aren’t really at the point where “need” or “fit” should factor that much into the decision.

I’ve ranked seven prospects. Why such a weird number like seven? Well, two reasons:

  • Besides Towns and Okafor, the Sixers have been linked to the rest of the five guys. Whether it’s through workouts in Philadelphia or Hinkie crossing the Atlantic Ocean to watch them play basketball.
  • These are really the only seven guys that have a realistic shot of being drafted with the No. 3 pick. There’s a 99.9 percent chance one of these seven players will be a 76er by Thursday night.

So without further ado, take the jump to find out who this blogger has No. 1.

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