Sixers News: What Is The Future of Jahlil Okafor


The Philadelphia 76ers selected Jahlil Okafor with the third overall pick in the 2015 NBA Draft. What is Sam Hinkie’s grand plan?

Sam Hinkie finally may have outsmarted himself.

Jahlil Okafor is a solid player with a nice offensive game and he helped to lead his team to win the National title. I hope he has success; I wish Okafor well. The Duke team was excellent. But the selection of Okafor might raise more questions than answers for the Sixers. All of the sudden we find ourselves perplexed. At least I do.

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Jahill Okafor is actually a rather large project and prospect, and among the bigger question marks of all the players in this year’s draft.

Some scouts saw Okafor as a risky pick based on his youth – or at least a project of converting a semi-slow, plodding center without an ability to face up, or an ability to defend.

This all may sound crazy. Don’t get me wrong, he will be okay, but the question is, will he be a star? Some scouts see a budding talent, with a great feel for the game, about to explode onto the scene.

Likely Jahlil Okafor is somewhere in between both of the comparisons. He is unable to dominate games defensively and clearly struggles with making free throws shooting 51 percent on the year.


So…why’d you do it Hinkie?! I say with mild shock and disappointment.

Okafor has potential trade value for the Philadelphia 76ers, and definitely can play in the NBA. This goes without question. But trading him might be what we need to do. I hope this is Hinkie’s plan anyway.

I am worried however that Joel Embiid is in bad health and this propelled the selection. Furthermore, why would Los Angeles pass up on Okafor? If he was that bona fide a center, he wouldn’t be available for the Sixers.

I have additional questions about the pick and the draft. For starters, look at who was passed up in terms of skill. I know, I know, the consensus top two picks were the two bigs, but obviously that wasn’t the lay of the land on draft night.

Mudiay, Zingers, and Winslow were all passed by. To me, this shows a lack of creativity in the early part of round one on several teams.

But watch Okafor closely and try to envision him as a Sixer and third pick.

He can’t really shoot well. When he is guarded it is even worse. The Lakers clearly saw this.

He does not block shots really or intimidate in the lane. Playing at Duke and being protected by officials and a corporate icon leader does not make one a third pick or a shot blocker unfortunately.

He does not rebound well enough. In the NBA you will get tested physically before the skill comes into question. If you don’t rebound, you won’t be effective.

Okafor is strictly a five man and can’t step out and do much else. Plus we have two five men better than him already.

This will get really interesting and I will continue to trust Hinkie’s genius. I’m just irritated because I wanted Mudiay or Winslow I suppose.

What the rationale must be – Hinkie’s plan to gather and gobble up assets. Stay the course Dark Lord.

If you must.

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