Nerlens Noel Had A Pretty Cool Offseason


82 games and over half a year of basketball can be hard to do for a hard-working 21 year old. So, utilizing the NBA’s offseason to try something new (while still training, of course) seems like the best way to rejuvenate a motivational mentality. Sixers’ center Nerlens Noel broadcasted much of his adventures on social media, allowing us into his exciting world. Let’s take a look.

Spreading The Basketball Love

Nerlens Noel spent about a week in the Philippines teaching young kids how to play basketball. writer Max Rappaport asked Nerlens about his experience there.

"Max Rappaport, Was it a bit of a culture shock at all? Did you get to sightsee, or was it mostly just work?Nerlens Noel, Philadelphia 76ers: “I definitely feel it was a culture shock. You know, especially going back to Haiti like I have last summer and seeing the conditions there, I think it was very similar. You know, just seeing all the progression they’re making in the Philippines, with their economy going up and all the new developments they’re making, it’s definitely great to see.”"

It’s good to see NBA players trying to expand the game all across the world.

Derby Day

Being a favorite in the state of Kentucky, it is only natural that Noel attended the state’s biggest event, the Kentucky Derby. Noel showed up in a very distinct outfit to say the least and must’ve really caught the eyes of other attendees.

Money Team’s New Member

Nerlens Noel got some quality time with the champion boxer Floyd Mayweather and his “Money Team” while attending the NBA Playoffs. Noel has the advantage in reach over Mayweather, but let’s hope he sticks to using his length on the court, instead of the ring.

One-on-One Time With a Monkey (Double click the picture to see video).

"First time for everything"

What better way to take a break from basketball than playing with exotic animals? We won’t poke too much fun at Nerlens, but he did seem a little worried in the video near the end. (Don’t worry Nerlens we aren’t judging…too much).

Nerlens Puts A Kid On Dunk Cam

This has to be the high point of the offseason for me, Noel, and this kid. When Nerlens doesn’t spend his time dunking on freakishly large NBA players…

…he does the same thing to 10 year old kids. That kid has lived through my one dream of getting posterized by Noel…lucky kid.

Nerlens has had a ton of fun and seems like he has been able to relax. With training camp coming really soon, Noel’s focus will shift from monkeys to blocks. I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us for the upcoming season.

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