Sixers Rebuild: Sam Hinkie Is Recreating The 1982-83 Team

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The 82-83 team was incredible defensively, and even had two franchise defensive career leaders, Maurice Cheeks (steals) and Julius Erving (blocks). The team finished 5th in the league in steals and defensive rating, 4th in blocks and opponent field goal percentage, and first in rebounding. From guards Andrew Toney and Cheeks, to the bigs in Erving, Malone, and Jones, defense was a skill almost everyone on the roster excelled in.

The current Sixers have done a formidable job as well on the defensive side of the ball, finishing 1st in steals and 4th in blocks ending the season with the 13th best defensive rating. Nerlens Noel was a defensive standout  in his rookie season, averaging almost 2 blocks and steals a game. Noel built a reputation of a rim stopper and basketball fans everywhere are noticing.

Defense has been a focal point of Coach Brett Brown’s plan to develop this team and the Sixers are stepping in the right direction towards becoming a defensive force in the league. To emulate the championship Sixers team, the Sixers have to be tenacious around the outside, forcing turnovers and quick shots. The importance of Mo Cheeks, Andrew Toney, and Julius Erving‘s versatility on defense was as important to the championship run as any piece to the puzzle.

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