Sixers Rebuild: Sam Hinkie Is Recreating The 1982-83 Team

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Star Power

Julius Erving was a star himself, and acquiring another star in Moses Malone seemed to be what finally pushed the Sixers to greatness. The 2016 season will see the first season of potential star Jahlil Okafor, who has often been noted as a can’t-miss star. Many thought that Joel Embiid would take the role of the cornerstone of the team but after news of missing his second straight season, Okafor has seemed to fill in that role. It hasn’t gone unnoticed that the Sixers hold an overabundance of cap space the next few years, and this might be Hinkie’s way of getting his “Moses Malone”.

The push for a star via free agency or trade has been one of the largest criticisms during this rebuilding plan, and if Hinkie pulls the trigger on one of the biggest move of his career in the next few years, he could see his vision of rebuilding his version of the 82-83 team come to life sooner than later.

The Sixers are nowhere near the caliber of team that brought home the most recent championship to the critical fans of Philadelphia, but they are looking one step closer to becoming a team that can fight for the city’s next championship. Hinkie isn’t inventing some insane plan for his own personal benefit, but is trying to recreate the most memorable season of his franchise’s history in his own way. The process is long but the process is moving forward. Just trust it, for what its worth.

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