Sixers Trade Hometown Favorite To Golden State

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Apr 1, 2015; Boston, MA, USA; Boston Celtics forward

Gerald Wallace

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Thompson Traded To Golden State

Out with the old, in with the new.  In Philadelphia, it is out with the new, in with the newer.  The Sixers front court was already crowded, and with the trade to the Kings, became even more so.  Hinkie still had the salary cap dump open for business, and the trade deadline usually gives the Sixers several additional opportunities.  It came as no surprise then that the Golden State Warriors, who are beaten up on the luxury tax, called the Sixers about a transaction to relieve them of the NBA luxury tax.  So in less than a month, the Sixers trade hometown favorite to Golden State.  Thompson fills a need for the Warriors, and he had little to offer the young and upcoming Sixers.

As a result of the subsequent move, the Sixers take on another huge salary player who will likely be waived by the team.  Golden State picked up a veteran who still has production and shed salary.  What do the Sixers get for their troubles?

Well, we know there is more to the story than that. As anyone who follows the Sixers or Sam Hinkie, it’s about the picks.

What value does this have for the Sixers? 2016 is the fulcrum. Everything this organization has done comes to a climax in 2016. As it stands, the Sixers will potentially have four first round draft picks in 2016, will welcome Joel Embiid from a two year rehab of his foot injury, will welcome Dario Saric to the team from his European stint, and will have the new training facility.    There are far too many things happening in a positive direction for this team next year, so that even if one or two fall short of expectations, the team will emerge as a powerful NBA force regardless.

And Hinkie continues to stack the deck.   By adding optional upgrades for picks in 2016, he dictates the where and the who the Sixers will select.  Just hold on Philly.  After 2015, the NBA may witness the birth of a dynasty.

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