The Ten Best Sixers Jerseys

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2. 1997-2009 Road Uniforms

When you have a superstar with an attitude, it’s time to create some threads with attitude as well. That is exactly what happened with Allen Iverson and the Sixers. When the “Iverson Era” logo made its appearance, the change to black uniforms almost seemed necessary. Much like the blue alternates, the logo is across the chest with an offset number right below it. The red trim around the neck and the arms keep it from being too plain, but doesn’t take away from the toughness of the jersey. When you think of any Iverson-led team you think of one attribute, intimidation. Almost always the underdogs, opponents were still intimidated by the scrappy Sixers, which the solid black jerseys attributed too. This time period showed a time where change in philosophy and look were different, but successful. Allen Iverson always stands out in the mind of Sixers fans and so does this jersey. This black jersey is a complete standout from the rest of the jerseys on this list. It’s different but lovable.

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