The Ten Best Sixers Jerseys

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1. 1978-91 Road Uniforms

We’ve reached the greatest jersey in Sixers history, so it’s only fitting that the greatest jersey was worn during the greatest season (1982-83) in franchise history. But that isn’t the reason why they are considered the greatest. The iconic red jerseys had the white “SIXERS” logo and numbers with blue trimming. The rest of the jersey and the shorts are outlined by red, white, and blue trimming.  The shorts also had a white waistband and included the white basketball “76ers” logo on the right leg. This jersey has ultimately become a hallmark in the franchise’s history, bring the memories of basketball glory back. The red jerseys were quite simple, but that is all they needed to be. Adding anything to this jersey would have been just like adding a blemish. Simplicity is sometimes perfection, and that’s what the Sixers created with this iconic jersey.

The importance of appearance to franchises are unimaginable. Whether it is completely changing a logo, or recreating a retro look, the greatness of jerseys are ultimately what appeals to the fans. The fans are the driving force behind every organizational decision, so if they fans don’t like it, they won’t buy it. The Sixers seem to continue to improve on the look of their jerseys, and will always be looking back at its predecessors for ideas.

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