The Ten Best Sixers Jerseys

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6. 1997-2009 Alternate Blues

The Sixers changed logos over to what is now known as the “Iverson Era” logo. The logo is “SIXERS” in large with a star over the “I” and the signature swoosh basketball underneath the writing. The logo was quite a drastic changed, and when the Sixers used it on their alternate blue jerseys a beautiful marriage was created. The jerseys were a royal blue with the logo on the chest and the number smartly placed near the left hip of the player. The number being offset takes doesn’t make the jersey seem crowded, even though the number is quite large. The red around the neck gives the jersey some flare, along with the red waistband on the shorts. The “76” logo over the star with the basketball swoop going across it is a nice touch on an otherwise plain pair of shorts. This was one of the better ways the Sixers tried to incorporate the old while focusing on the new.

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