The Ten Best Sixers Jerseys

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4. 1965-66 Home Jerseys

The ’65 season’s road jerseys were brilliant, but they were no match to its home jersey counterparts. The incredible modernized look carried the oversized red numbers over a red “PHILA” lettering. The white chest is accompanied by a plain red midsection right below it. The white shorts with a white waistband with blue right underneath it. This jersey could fit into this era’s NBA and maybe that’s why it didn’t land as well in the 60’s. In fact, the Sixers have brought back this jersey on a couple of occasions during the 2003-04 season. This allowed the younger generation to really appreciate the futuristic look of the throwback jersey and even allowed them to purchase an Allen Iverson ’65-66 jersey. This great look in addition to exposure across multiple generation makes this one of the most popular Sixers’ throwback.

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