The Ten Best Sixers Jerseys

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3. 2015-16 Sixers Road Uniform

When you’re in the middle of a rebuild, every aspect of the franchise is key to the plan, and this includes the uniforms. The Sixers unveiled their new uniforms in June of 2015 and the reception of it has been great. The sleekest of the bunch seem to be the blue away jersey. With the resurgence of “PHILA” on the dark blue jerseys once again, accompanied by the a thick white stripe filled with thinner red stripes and blue stars running along both sides, the Sixers accomplished their goal of meshing together the uniforms of the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. The shorts are also blue with the stars and stripes on in the same fashion as the jersey. The return of the circle of stars are evident on the front center of the waistband. The bottom left leg of the shorts include the retro white basketball “76ers” logo. These jerseys have really brought a refreshing look to a franchise trying to start over and start building a championship team. What better way to venture for championships than to do it with a new look?

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