Survey Saturday: Discussion On The Sixers Point Guards


Welcome to Survey Saturday here at The Sixer Sense! Every weekend, we like to give you, the readers (and occasionally our writers, too), an input in our posts. This is the purpose of Survey Saturday! Later in the week, we Tweet out a question with the hashtag “#SurveySaturday,” and wait for responses, and then throw them into this post and make a discussion out of it! Fun, right?

This weeks question stemmed from the constant question that comes up when we talk about the Philadelphia 76ers future next year, and that is surrounding the point guard position. This weeks question was also inspired in part by @twiterlesjame5. Thanks for your submission!

At this point, we have pretty much no idea who the starting point guard will be, although we do know that it looks like the position will be claimed at some point throughout training camp. The several players competing for the starting job are as follows, in no particular order:

  1. Tony Wroten
  2. Isaiah Canaan
  3. Pierre Jackson
  4. Scottie Wilbekin
  5. Ish Smith (not yet re-signed)
  6. Tony Wroten (transition from SG?)

Here’s what you guys thought about who would get the starting position:

Here’s what some of the staff here at The Sixer Sense thinks.

Daniel Falcone:

"Play the point guard spot by committee, improve the players, and don’t win more than 22 games."

George Kondoleon:

"Isaiah Canaan is a reliable shooter who has proven his scoring ability in just 22 games with the Sixers. He is an average passer that can spread the floor with his range."

Josh Wilson:

"Benjamin Boswell’s suggestion of Wroten taking over at point is one I’ve been behind from the get-go. Wroten has shown he does more with his minutes on the floor, and is much more deserving of the start, in my opinion. That being said, I do like a lot of the other guys as well, and hope to see a few of them become supporting role players to the point guard position.While some want to keep Wroten on the bench for some more backup scoring, and make him a sixth man, I feel that this is a waste of his talents. He’s proven what he can do, and is deserving of the start."

Eric Mullin:

"The Sixers point guard situation is as unclear as a steamed up sauna. The front-runner would appear to be Tony Wroten, who is coming off of a partially torn achilles, but Wroten’s lack of shooting is even more worrisome with two bigs in the front court that can not step out and hit a jumper either. Having three players on the court that can not shoot is going to kill the Sixers spacing, leaving less room in the post for Jahlil Okafor to operate. With that being said, I can honestly see one of Isaiah Canaan, Pierre Jackson, or Scottie Wilbekin being the opening night starter due to the Sixers needing spacing. I would also not be shocked if either of those three do not make the final roster, which really shows you how unclear this position is for the Sixers in 2015-16.@EricMullin_"

Bret Stuter

"The starting point guard will be Pappy Jack.The team is at a crossroads , with so little carrying forward, it’s tough to sink much into yesterday.It is simply logical to pair Tony Wroten with Robert Covington. They played together. Wroten is the teams leading scorer. Covington shoots 61% from the arc when fed from a penetrating Wroten. Wroten and Covington are familiar with their roles in a 76ers uniform.Or are they?With Okafor paired with Noel, the team now has significant presence under the rim. Do they need a crasher? Covington and Wroten combined for 5.6 turnovers per game. That is a huge detriment to the team.Money is on Stauskas getting the start. With him, you will need an athlete who is versatile, can score, but has a perimeter shot and superior ball handling. You’ll need a guy who can call the plays and ad lib.That’s why I think Pierre Jackson gets the nod.Jackson can score, has a perimeter shot, will compliment Stauskas, but will do well feeding the ball to Noel and Okafor. And he controls the ball."

So there you have it. That’s one vote for Nik Stauskas, one for Canaan, two votes for, “the committee,” two for Wroten, and three for Pierre Jackson. According to the authors and readers of The Sixer Sense, it looks like Pappy Jack will get the start.

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