Sixers Name Puns: Let’s Have Some Pun

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We are in the dull age of the NBA offseason where all is quiet in the land of basketball, especially in the land of Hinkie. What could we do to pass the time?

Let’s create some horribly cheesy name puns for the Sixers! We asked Twitter for some help on name puns, and we also created some on our own. Scroll through for cringeworthy puns.

Child-“Ish” Gambino

Former Sixers guard and current free agent Ish Smith has been a walking name pun since he arrived in Philadelphia, and Sixers’ PA announcer Matt Chord famously coined the line “The Dish….from Ish” every time Smith would add an assist to his stat line. Here we combined rapper/actor Childish Gambino’s album cover of Because The Internet and Ish to create this horrible pun.

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