How The Sixers Can Sneak Into The Playoffs

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Trade Tony Wroten

Now this isn’t me trying to oust Tony Wroten for personal reasons. I love the guy and think he is a great point guard and could be one of the best bench players in the NBA, but if the Sixers want to make a run in the upcoming season, moving Wroten might be best. Wroten was in fact the Sixers biggest trade bait during the 2014-15 season before tearing his ACL, and will continue to be their biggest trade bait if he stays healthy.

The Sixers won’t get a crazy return for Wroten, but could gain some important role players. One trade I was flirting around with was a trade that would send Wroten and a 2nd rounder for Indiana’s Chase Budinger. Budinger can play both SF and PF, but best fits into the Sixers’ offense as a SF. Only time will tell whether the Sixers would bring in a guy like Budinger to produce off the bench behind Robert Covington, or even come in as a starter. A veteran like Budinger can be a nice piece to an amazingly surprising puzzle.

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