Top 10 Sixers Draft Picks Of All Time

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Billy Cunningham

Another All Star and Hall of Famer, Billy Cunningham is one of the best sixth-men to a championship team of all time. Along with Chet Walker as mentioned earlier, he was a part of one of the most impressive rosters of all time.

On any other team, Cunningham probably would have started. But with this roster that boasted Wilt Chamberlin, Hal Greer, and many others, there was just so much talent to try and start everyone.

Still, as a rookie, winning a championship and being a part of such a historic team in a huge way isn’t anything to look down on. That season he averaged 14.3 points per game and 7.5 rebounds, good enough to get him the honors of the NBA All-Rookie team that season.

Cunningham was only just getting started this season with his nearly 15 points per game. Once Wilt The Stilt left, Cunningham went on to average 23, 24 and even 26 points in one season. He double-doubled in six different seasons, and shot with a field goal percentage of 45%.

Partway through his career, Cunningham switched leagues and went to the ABA to play for the Carolina Cougars where he still had success, leading the Cougars to a championship round where they lost.

He would eventually come back to where he started, with the Sixers, and finish his career there after he suffered a career ending injury.

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