The Thirteen Misfit Toys

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Jan 5, 2015; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia 76ers guard Tony Wroten (8) reacts to scoring a basket against the Cleveland Cavaliers in the closing minutes of the second half at Wells Fargo Center. The 76ers defeated the Cavaliers 95-92. Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Point Guard
Tony Wroten

The role for Tony Wroten may be up in the air.  You see, he was the 2014/15 season leading scorer for the team, and he was the heir apparent for Michael Carter Williams, who was dealt in the off-season.  He stepped up when the team needed offensive production.  His style brought on a difficult challenge to the opposing defenses, who found it almost mandatory to foul the guy as he sliced surgically towards the basket.   But…. he struggled to make the free throws.  So teams defended with fouls.

The team did not have a very good season.   We’ve talked about production, and ball security. Of the players remaining on the roster, Tony Wroten is by far the leader in turnovers.  But things do change.  In pairing Noel with Okafor, the dynamics of this team have already changed.  Now we have built in penetration from our two giants.  Now we have a person down low in the post who will fight for position.

What we will need is a navigator, someone who can take a defense one way and pass back through the defense to another open player.   Tony Wroten can be that player.  When he assists, he has a good eye for the open man.   One of his favorite targets – Robert Covington – shot an amazing 61% from beyond the arc when assisted by Wroten.

Wroten will need to change his game.   He will need to develop shots from mid and long range.  He will need to develop a shot from the free throw line.  He will need to develop into a supporting cast member and step down from the leading actor stage.   But he can.   Will he?   That’s a very good question.  I have him first as I think he may begin the season as a starter.  Ideally, his role is more of a sixth man… someone who comes off the bench with a hot hand who can up the tempo and score some points.

That’s likely to fit his style of play.

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