Jerami Grant Could Have A Breakout Year


Jerian Grant was selected by the Washington Wizards in this year’s draft, and was then promptly shipped to the New York Knicks. He was a consensus All-American last year at Notre Dame, and he figures to play a significant role for the Knicks this year.

Jerian’s brother, Jerami Grant, is less known, but he also might be in line for a big 2015-2016 season with the Philadelphia 76ers.

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The 21-year-old was the 39th-overall pick in last year’s draft, though he didn’t do anything too significant in his rookie campaign. If he did, there’s a chance you missed it, considering the lack of mainstream recognition anyone on the Sixers not named Nerlens Noel received a year ago.

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Grant started 11 games last year and averaged 21 minutes per contest. He scored 6 points per game, and played well as a role contributor.

His finest night came against the Knicks, when he recorded eight blocks, the most by any Sixer since Samuel Dalembert recorded nine in 2007.

He’s a good player with tons of upside. Don’t be surprised to see him break on to the seen by way of highlight-reel dunks in 2015.

First and foremost, he’s going to get a chance to shine. Despite being loaded with potential, the 76ers aren’t exactly dealing with a superstar surplus. Despite having somewhat of a relative surplus of big men, Grant doesn’t have tons of competition for minutes.

“He can play the role of the proverbial Energizer Bunny.”

The 6’8″ small forward, who’s more of a hybrid four, will be competing for time with shooter Robert Covington as well as Hollis Thompson and the newly acquired Gerald Wallace.

He certainly fits the mold of a modern-day 76. He isn’t really incredible in any one area, but he has raw skills and unbelievable athleticism. Basically, Grant, like the majority of this team, is young, talented and unproven.

Grant is sort of like former 76er Thaddeus Young. Young was a bit too athletic to be a traditional four, but he lacked a the skill set to be a traditional three. Young played well last year with the Nets, and the Sixers should follow the blueprint Brooklyn has laid out on how to utilize hybrids.

Grant can shoot relatively well, and he can also drive to the basket off a dribble. He showed vast improvements throughout his rookie year, too.

This offseason, Grant has improved on virtually every offensive area of his game. He also benefited immensely from participating as part of the 76ers’ summer league.

“He took good shots,” Sixers coach Billy Lange said, according to John Coon of CSN Philly. “He drove the ball. He finished hard. He got over the top of pick-and-rolls. He showed great patience. He’s been working really hard this offseason.”

Lange also noted that with a stacked front court, Grant will get a chance to display his talents.

“My all-around game has gotten a lot better, especially my ball-handling and my shooting stroke,” Grant said. “My all-around perimeter game is getting a lot better.”

The more Grant can develop his shot, the more likely it is that he becomes a very important player in the rotation. What works in his favor is his aforementioned dunking ability. With K.J. McDaniels gone for good, Grant is a player who can ignite the home crowd with a monster dunk. He can play the role of the proverbial Energizer Bunny.

Grant fits in perfectly with the Sixers, and he should be in their plans for the long haul.

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