Embiid Update II – Exit Surgery Enter Sports Science

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Apr 15, 2015; Philadelphia, PA, USA; General view of the exterior of the Wells Fargo Center as seen through a gate before a game between the Philadelphia 76ers and the Miami Heat. Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Dr Martin Earns His Title

Remember when Sam Hinkie indicated “Sixers Director of Performance Research and Development Dr. David T. Martin will outline and lead Joel’s rehab and recovery plan, in collaboration with a worldwide network of experts and specialists.” Now as to why the delay in having the surgery performed?

There was good reason for that. First the matter of the surgery. It was performed on August 18, 2015 and the surgeons were identified later in the evening:

And the hospital of the surgery is:

The hospital stay should be short in duration.  Essentially enough time to ensure all systems are proceding well and then a discharge plan expected to have extensive post-surgical instructions for Embiid to adhere to.  From the moment of discharge, Joel Embiid will benefit from the services of Dr. David T. Martin.  

(Did somebody just roll their eyes? Stop that!)

The struggle to heal this injury is to ensure that good nutrition races to the injury site, while ensuring that toxins are eliminated.   That’s sports medicine.  That’s sports science.  That’s the brainchild of Dr. David T. Martin.

So what?  Well, research on slow healing bone fractures have shown remarkable improvement with a strict regiment of diet, fluid, supplements, and where appropriate, exercise.   Diet ensures a good healthy and stress free body.  Fluids ensure good blood flow and effective kidney functions.  Supplements ensure the injured area is getting a supercharged blood stream loaded with the building blocks needed to repair the  fracture quickly.  And finally appropriate exercise ensures that the blood is flowing to nourish the site.

The challenge with an injury of this type is the length of time required to heal the site before the success of the procedure can be fully validated.   At a minimum, Embiid’s surgery will require a minimum of six weeks with no weight placed onto the foot whatsoever.

After an initial healing phase of some three weeks, the cast will be removed and the site will be examined for alignment.  Embiid will be asked if he has stayed off his foot as well.  If all is going as planned, a second cast will be placed for another three weeks.  Following the full six week period, the site will be examined again for signs of healing.  Gradually, Joel will be given a weight bearing cast with crutches.  Signs of pain could indicate a need to refrain from weight.  Eventually, pain free ambulation will occur, and then it will be a slow process to increase the exercise to confirm the injured site is fully healed.

This is step one folks.  We’ve got a year of healing to go – if everything goes well.