What’s Going To Get Philadelphia 76ers Fans Back To The Wells Fargo Center?


Disappointment. That’s the first word that describes the feeling within all Philadelphia 76ers fans following another weak offseason. Sure, we got a future big man in Jahlil Okafor, but that’s not all we had in mind for the roster.

We were hoping for Andrew Wiggins or Jabari Parker to go along with Jah and a bunch of other talented players. Unfortunately, we are left with Joel Embiid who just can’t help but catch the injury bug each and every season. This isn’t what we had envisioned when the tanking began. But, things happen. Sometimes the original plan doesn’t come into fruition.

The hope within an organization is that the fans will stick by you as the team continues to rebuild. As we know, that isn’t what happened with the 76ers last year as we finished dead last in attendance last season. Whose fault is it though?

Fans will say that it’s the organization’s fault for not putting a lineup on the floor each and every night that will put fans in the seats. The organization hopes that, as loyal fans, we will come to each game to cheer on our team even though the team is, to put it lightly, not that great.

Personally, I believe there is some blame to go on both sides.

Last season, I had the chance to go to the Charlotte Hornets and Philadelphia 76ers game on December 19th at the Wells Fargo Center.

As an avid Philadelphia 76ers fan, I was giddy to hear that I could purchase $30 tickets to sit right behind the basket. So, I decided to go with a couple of my friends. One of my friends was a Hornets fan while the other 4 were fans of other NBA teams but decided to tag along.

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We were all having a great time before the game just talking about the NBA while watching the players shoot around before tip-off. There was music played throughout the Wells Fargo Center, as always, that made it hard to hear anyone, but it seemed as though there was energy flowing through the crowd. As the ref blew the whistle to start the game and threw the ball in the air, everything went silent.

I’ve been to many NBA games in my lifetime, but never have I been so shocked to hear complete silence right at the start of the game. Was it the fault of the fans? Not really. I along with many other die hard supporters were cheering on the Sixers.

There was no music being played at all for the rest of the game. No Charge chant/song. That must have been the first time that chant had not been started at any sporting event I had been to. It was an odd feeling and left me unsettled.

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As the game went on, the chants from the crowd diminished and because there was no help from the team, any noise that was being generated, faded away. As parents, the reason to bring their little kids to games is to have them enjoy themselves. How are they to do so if there are hardly any promotions and aren’t any chants to get their spirits lifted? So, because of that, more and more young kids don’t show up to the game.

Why would anyone go to a Philadelphia 76ers game live if there isn’t any incentive? As a little kid and even now, I’m one of those fans who loves to cheer during a basketball game. But, now I’m questioning my decision to pay money to go to a game. I can sit on my couch and watch a game for free and get the same type of experience that I would receive by going to a game.

With all of this being said, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t go to a 76ers game. I’ll still be going when I get a chance this season. I’m simply saying that the amount of fans that show up to a game at Wells Fargo Center doesn’t correlate to the amount of fans around the country actually rooting for the team.

So, an easy answer to the question, “What’s going to get fans back in the seats?”, is for the organization to also be loyal at each game. The fans will come if the entertainment aspect is there outside of the actual play on the court.

It’s an exciting year for 76ers fans as we get to watch one of the youngest and most promising front-courts in the NBA play each night together. There are a lot of loyal 76ers fans and they are just waiting to get back to the Wells Fargo Center for some games. Hopefully, both the organization and the team will give us a reason to.

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