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Mar 13, 2015; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia 76ers head coach Brett Brown reacts during the second half of a game against the Sacramento Kings at Wells Fargo Center. The 76ers won 114-107. Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Final Countdown

The team’s competitive resolve has not broken. We’ve done an article about this Sixers team that competes until the final whistle. The NBA needs a better 76er team.  A Philadelphia franchise that is falling in value is bad for the competitiveness of the overall NBA.    Team president and general manager Sam Hinkie needs success sooner than later.  Even if 2016 is the year of the perfect storm in personnel acquisition, the team will need to show signs of improvement this season to bolt on the news faces and talents.  The winning culture that so many hope for in that 2016-2017 season must germinate this season if the team plans to have any long term success.  But nobody needs success more than coach Brown.  Nobody.

The team is on shaky ground with the head coach.  Brett Brown knew when he arrived that he would be given raw young talented men to coach up to NBA quality production.  But nobody copied him on the memo that is was a “and keep on coaching up talented young men for a year so that we can trade them for the next batch”.   But Brown knows to build a team, you must have consistency.  So in the interview at the last game of the season, Brown spotted some sand and drew a line through it.

"“To coach gypsies or to have to coach a revolving door is not what I am looking for. I hope that if we can have something that is stable and consistent that we are going to be able to talk a little bit easier at this time next year. We need needle movers. We need talent. If we can hold on to a group for a while, we can move people forward.”"

So what is moving forward? It’s filling the stands with cheering fans again. It’s a significant uptick in the win column this season.  But even more than all of these things.  It’s halting the “short selling” of a player.  It’s giving head coach Brett Brown an opportunity not only to work with the youngest roster in the NBA, but enough time for both the head coach and the young men to witness the successful results of that collaborative effort together.  If the Sixers cannot find a way to do this, Brett Brown may find exactly what he is looking for.  But it won’t be in Philadelphia.

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