Sixers Are Better? We’re Better! You Bet!

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Sixer Reload The Program

The NBA punishes success. Or at least, they have stacked the deck so that success is fleeting. Between salary caps, and NBA draft order, as soon as you win anything you are shoved to the back of the line when it comes to selecting new talent, and placed at the top of the pile when it comes to players now making salary demands.

But Hinkie may have discovered a loophole. Maybe. You see, he’s determined, correctly, that the NBA draft is a game of randomness. So he has improved the team’s chances by increasing the number of picks.

"“We will not bat a thousand on every single draft pick. We also have them by the bushel-full, in part, because of that. We don’t have any hubris that we will get them all right. We’re not certain that we have an enormous edge over anybody else. In some cases, we might not have an edge at all.” – general manager Sam Hinkie"

The odds now even out, or may even lean ever so slightly to the Sixers favor.   They have more picks, and the likelihood that they find a talent who will out-hustle, outshine, and outplay his class increases.   Particularly on a team that is bringing a state of the art training facility on line in 2016.   Couple that with the advances of basketball analytics, and sport medicine, and you’ve got a virtual PhD program of NBA development just about to launch on its maiden voyage.   All it needs is talent.  But that is the specialty of Hinkie, as he is lining up talent by the bushel-full.

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So how big is the Sixer bushel basket?

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