Sixers Are Better? We’re Better! You Bet!

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Oct 16, 2014; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia 76ers cheer squad fires t-shirts to the fans during the second half of a game against the Boston Celtics at Wells Fargo Center. The Celtics defeated the Sixers 111 to 91. Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

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With so many moving parts, I had to cover a LOT of ground in this article. The basic premise is that this team is better. Here’s why I think it is:

We have more top talent taking the floor than the past two years. With Stauskas, Noel, and Okafor alone, these are three first round draft picks.  As they develop chemistry among each other and their teammates, Dario Saric and Joel Embiid are scheduled to arrive with the team next year.  That will make five first round prospects on the same roster.

Simultaneously, the team is investing a great deal into the development of young talented players.   Keeping with the mantra of the Houston Rockets, Sam Hinkie targets second round talent to stash and develop into an NBA caliber player.   While the general manager lines up the talent, the team is setting up a way to train, educate, and enhance each player’s chances of success in the NBA.

But when the team finds a way to win, won’t they begin the decline?  Not quite.  The team has set up a pipeline for talent for the foreseeable future.  Combined with the sports medicine innovations  of Dr. Martin, the players who do remain will likely be able to extend their careers above the average NBA player.  Still, that’s tomorrow.

Tomorrow has come.  The NBA Philadelphia 76ers are no longer rope-a-doping to wait for the later rounds of this boxing match.  The bell has sounded, and they are coming out fighting this year.   Success is not measured in a championship this season, but rather in turning the ship around.   This team is at the crest of success.

So when they ask if the Sixers are better, you can be confident in replying:
Sixers are better?  We’re better! You bet!

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