Survey Saturday: Hairstyles, Corn Rows Or Flat Tops?


(Almost) every Saturday, here at The Sixer Sense we like to let our readers join in on the conversation. We tweet out questions as the weekend comes closer, and ask for your answers on Twitter, and in the comments! We use #SurveySaturday for you to answer. Missed the conversation? Feel free to weigh in in the comments below!

This week, George Kondoleon got us going yet again with a  question for Survey Saturday, asking the very difficult question that seems to be avoided. It’s a pretty big deal: Corn rows or flat top?

If you’re a fairly new Sixers fan, stay with me, I’ll explain this craziness in just a moment.

Allen Iverson is one of the most popular Sixers of all time. He lead the team to an Eastern Conference Championship win and was a huge part of the team for years. He was known by some as a nuisance, some as a hero. Still, he was a huge part of the team no matter how you see him.

Throughout most of his career, he rocked a notorious hairstyle, popular at the time, corn rows.

Now, a new era has come in with Nerlens Noel. Noel is a new chapter of the Sixers as they look to rebuild. He has transitioned from being primarily a center, to taking on a power forward role, and looking to improve his skill set. He, too, has notorious hair, and rocks a flat top, a currently popular hair style among some NBA players.

So, we had to ask you guys, corn rows or flat top?

I had to go with the classic, and pick corn rows. Noel hasn’t done enough with the hair yet!

George pointed out that Will Smith of The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air made flat tops iconic in Philadelphia even before Noel.

Nerlens knows this too, and posted a photo shop of him as “The Fresh Prince Of Big-Hair,” on Twitter.

George submitted a write-in to the vote as well.

And finally, our friends at Toro Times (who featured me on their Saturday post) had to weigh in as well, saying they would be happy with either hairstyle on their own head.

If you missed the conversation, feel free to join in on the comments, or continue Tweeting us answers at @SixerSense with the hashtag #SurveySaturday, and we may edit in some late submissions! Stay tuned for next week’s Survey Saturday, and feel free to suggest your own question. Go Sixers!

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