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1. Julius Erving- Blue 1976

I had to fight my bias towards Allen Iverson and give this award to the Julius Erving jersey as the best Sixers jersey of all time. Just like Iverson, Erving changed the landscape of the NBA and by bringing a different style of play to the league. While Iverson was dazzling people with his dribbling and crossovers, Erving was flying and dunking on people. In the hair landscape of the league, Iverson brought the corn rows and Erving brought the afro.

Erving was sold to the Sixers from the then ABA New York Nets in 1976. The Doctor would go onto play all 11 of his professional seasons in Philadelphia. He finished with career averages of 22.0 points, 6.7 rebounds, and 1.5 blocks. He was voted to the All-Star team in every season and took home two All-Star game MVP’s. His Sixer teams made it to the NBA finals four times and got over the hump once in 1982-83. As a small-forward Erving currently sits as the Sixers all-time leader in blocks as well as unofficially posterizing dunks on Bill Walton (stat source: my dad).

Coincidentally, these were the jerseys the Sixers wore in Erving’s first season with the team. The stars down the sides of the jersey as well as the lining around the jersey were design inspirations for the team’s new jerseys. This blue jersey is almost identical to the Sixers current road uniform, with the exception of ‘Sixers’ being on the front of the jersey. Just like the Sixers current jerseys, the stars and the stripes on this Erving jersey make it so unique and clean.

The race between Iverson and Erving for the top spot on this ranking was about as close as it could get, but I decided that since the Erving jersey was rare (it was changed after one season) and fresh it deserved the top spot. Both should be in your Sixers jersey collection, but Erving’s rookie jersey edged out the divergent Iverson jersey as the have-to-have Sixers jersey.

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