A Look Back At The Incredible 1983 Sixers

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Regular Season

To this day, this Sixers regular season stands as one of the best ones to ever happen. Their 79.3% win percentage and just 17 losses set them up to easily have the best record in the Eastern Conference, as well as the league. The next best Eastern Conference record in the league had over 30 losses (Milwaukee Bucks).

Billy Cunningham — a former Sixer — was the head coach of the team this year.

This team seemed to be unbeatable, and that would hold true for a lot of the year. Get this — they only lost twice in a row on two different instances. At one point, they won 14 games in a row. Everyone wanted to get a look at this team, as their attendance at The Spectrum was second best in the league.

The roster that featured Maruice Cheeks, Julius Erving, and finally Malone on top of these classic Sixers was an incredible one, and arguably one of the best rosters of all time.

Malone, Erving, Cheeks, and Andrew Toney all averaged double digit points. Additionally Malone was all over the boards with over 15 rebounds per game. Their three point shooting was not good, as the most accurate shooter had a percentage of 28%.

There’s not much to say about their regular season besides the fact that it was pure domination from the Sixers. Not many teams in the NBA’s history will come close to the level of domination that the Sixers had in the early 80s.

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