A Look Back At The Incredible 1983 Sixers

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The Playoffs

Prior to the playoffs, Moses Malone made a claim to the media, saying, “Fo… fo… fo,” when asked about how he thought the Sixers postseason would turn out. This was a reference to four game sweeps in all three series of the playoffs.

Sixer Sense writers George Kondoleon and Josh Wilson with the 1982-83 Sixers championship trophy.

Malone was nearly correct in his projection, as the Sixers went 12-1 in the playoffs that season. They swept the first series, but lost one game against the Milwaukee Bucks in the second series.

While the first two series were important, it was all just a precedent to the third series, the NBA Finals.

As expected, the Sixers were slated to face the Los Angeles Lakers in the Finals. The Lakers not having James Worthy was a huge push for the Sixers, and they were able to sweep them, just like Moses predicted. The Sixers dominated this series just like they did the rest of the year, winning on average by ten points per game.

This was a team built specifically to match up against the Lakers, and they were able to easily do just that. No team in the NBA could stop the Sixers this season.

This speaks a ton to what’s going on in South Philly now. Hinkie is working on a rebuild of the team. While his rebuild is not to go after any specific team like the 1983 Sixers team, it’s a rebuild nonetheless. It’s worked for the Sixers in the past, maybe it could work again.

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