Beyoncé Makes Sixers Relevant, Even On Labor Day


Seemingly, the Philadelphia 76ers should be largely irrelevant to Philadelphia during Labor Day weekend with their offseason in the lowest of lows as far as news, but they still found themselves grabbing public attention.

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The entire city of Philadelphia was in a party mode yesterday. Day one of the annual Labor Day Made In America music festival took place, and students from Temple University made their way down to South Philly to see their team try to beat Penn State University for the first time in over 70 years (spoiler alert, they did).

As a recent new student of Temple, I was faced with a tough choice on this Saturday, as I had to decide between the game and the music festival. I chose the festival, but still wish I was also able to see the game.

Although I was more excited to see the likes of G-Eazy and Meek Mill, the evening lead up to the Saturday headliner, Beyoncé.

Most fans found themselves towards the back and watching the performance off of one of the various video screens offered, but still, it was a monumental night for many to see “The Queen” perform live, in person.

Here is where the Sixers came in: partway through performing her part in a song Nicki Minaj featured her in, ‘Feeling Myself,’ when she gets to her famous line, “world stop… carry on,” she truly stopped, and changed into a shiny dazzling red shirt that was very fitting for Beyoncé.

As the shirt was revealed, ‘Sixers’ was displayed across the chest, a nice nod to the city she was performing in. It was also a nice gesture since most of the time, if she represents any basketball team, it’s the Houston Rockets or Brooklyn Nets.

The crowd went crazy, and it was a moment to enjoy as she truly embraced the city, fittingly performing in front of the famous ‘Rocky steps,’ and not too far from the Rocky statue itself.

Nerlens Noel and Joel Embiid made this an even more relevant part of the offseason for the Sixers, as they were also in the crowd watching Beyoncé.

The 76ers couldn’t help but get in on the action, and also Tweeted about the moment, playing around with the Brooklyn Nets.

Sure, this is no news of any big signing, but it’s proof the Sixers are finding themselves relevant throughout the city, even though they only got 18 wins last year, and even though they are going through one of the most intense rebuilding processes the league has ever seen.

Thanks for your nod to our city, Beyoncé.

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