Christian Wood Brings Raw Talent To Sixers

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Feb 21, 2015; Albuquerque, NM, USA; UNLV Runnin

Christian Wood Brings Raw Talent To Sixers

As the team prepares for the 2015-16 NBA season, president and general manager Sam Hinkie is tweaking the roster to load up on players who have true upside, raw talent, and youthful energy that can grow and be mentored into an NBA star.   The team has a limit of twenty such candidates, and from the twenty 15 will carry on as the Philadelphia 76ers this season.  A 19 year old 6’11” 220 pound power forward from the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) by the name of Christian Wood is one such prospect.  A very talented raw prospect with the type of upside that warranted projecting as a first round draft selection in the NBA draft.


But there were other names given to this young man while he played for UNLV Rebels.

Listless.  Uninspired.  Robotic.  Going through the motions.  Everyone was a critic.  A young man playing a game for fun was on top of the world, ruling a basketball court and enjoying life as only youth allows one to do.  Carefree and spirited, it seemed as though he led a charmed life, despite the perception of being only partially engaged.

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But the young power forward still put up 15.7 points and 10 rebounds, and now standing at 6-foot-11-inches, Wood has the height – but not quite the frame – to play in the NBA.  He has a good face up game, where he could take most college defenders one on one. But he lacks the consistency of a back-to-the-basket scorer or a spot up shooter.


Sometimes stories just end, fading slowly away until the memory is held by just the few who stood behind and held up the player the longest.   Sometimes a player’s story disappears as the sunlight fades into the quiet summer night.  We know some stories, but only from the occasional recap of “biggest bust” themed articles that surface when the news is light that day.  Worse yet are the stories of those who dream big, hoped highest, and didn’t have a chance because that door never opened.  It exposes a despair inside of us that few will ever know.  The victim of the randomness of chance and opportunity.   The desire to be great but never having the door opened.  The exposure of that nerve, that painful fight back the tears in public nerve.


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