Christian Wood Brings Raw Talent To Sixers

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May 16, 2015; Charlotte, NC, USA; Posts from tournament patrons can be seen on a screen in the new social media center during third round play at Quail Hollow Club. Mandatory Credit: Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

The Sixers Deliver NBA Innovation

No, this is not an eight track tape, nor am I stuck on a groove.  Professional athletes bring the desire and passion for the sport.  They have been blessed with the genetics for the height, build, and physical characteristics to achieve if they have that desire. But desire and genetics = POTENTIAL.

"“Continuous effort – not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking our potential. Winston Churchill"

And so, the effort must begin. That effort can be wasted exertion, or a focus of talent into a progression that builds upon itself. Building upon itself is the Philadelphia 76er mantra. The team has endured two NBA seasons, a career lifetime for many, in the goal to position itself with success “Someday”. That someday is now. As the team gears up for this season, it’s brought online two very important components:

First of all, it has the Sports Science/Medicine headed up by Dr. David T. Martin. He spearheads a wide range of areas that include nutrition (when and what to eat), hydration (when and what to drink), exertion (how much to train and how much to relax), rest (how much sleep to get), and exercise (weights, gym, or cross training).

As Dr. Martin works with the young players to build them as physically fit as possible, the team will be bringing basketball analytics online as well. This gives reads on what shots to take, what foot to pivot on, opponent’s trending strengths and weaknesses as a team and at the individual player level.   It gives the 76ers’ players information on when to shoot pass or move the ball down the court. The mix of that insatiable appetite for success combined with an unending supply of the tools to succeed are what this team is built for, and counting on.

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