Rankings the Sixers Plethora of Point Guards

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#3 Kendall Marshall

One could argue Marshall should be higher on the rankings given his proven NBA pedigree. Four years out of UNC, Marshall has hopped around to three different teams now, but everywhere he’s gone, he brings the same thing: a true pass first point guard, with a shaky-but developing shot that can properly control pretty much any offense.

His per 36 minutes stats from last year average out to a solid 10 points 7 assists per game. I highly doubt he’ll that kind of playing time right away, but he may very well be the best stylistic combination for the post dominator Jahlil Okafor. Marshall without a doubt will throw the best entry pass on this team, so it’s possible his court vision could catch the eye of Brett Brown and friends.

Of course, he has to be healthy first…Marshall is coming off an ACL tear from back in January, and his readiness early on will be in question much like Wroten. Considering the deal he was able to get from the always frugal Sam Hinkie, it’s fair to say that the front office brought in Marshall to be more than just a veteran presence.

If he is the consensus starter by the All-Star Break I wouldn’t be surprised. In fact I’d be excited, because Marshall has never really had a chance to play along side his team’s first unit.

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