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Did Nerlens Noel Learn Photoshop This Summer?


Nerlens Noel has been referred to as “one of the most mildly funny guys on Twitter,” by our for the Flat Top Podcast.

It’s true, in ways. But I find him to be actually hilarious, not just mildly funny.

For those of you who don’t visit Reddit–please don’t, you will get trapped in there–you’ve missed out on endless conversations in comment sections of posts, and hearing opinions that you never cared to hear about. But on the Sixers subreddit (a smaller community of the larger community of Reddit) Noel has often taken up the sidebar with hilarious images of himself photoshopped in one way or another that he has been Tweeting this summer.

If you haven’t seen the images yet, they are below.

I posted in the comments, wondering where in the world are all of these crazy photoshopped images coming from? My first thought was of course, fan submitted content. But a part of me really hopes that this isn’t true, because I have yet to see Nerlens credit any users for creating the snapshots, and that would be just plain wrong.

My second thought is a bit more plausible. Let’s say Nerlens has a buddy who thinks he’s really good at photoshop, and sends Noel these ridiculous photos. Noel, a nice guy, posts the images on Twitter in order to appease him, and let him know that he thinks the photos are cool.

The third thought–and probably the most plausible out of my three thoughts–is that Noel got really bored this summer, and learned how to use photoshop. He used his new skills to create these masterpieces.

I have a feeling Noel won’t ever reveal the secret of what’s up with these crazy photos. I also have a feeling that as summer comes to an end, we won’t see any more of them as Noel’s schedule really starts to fill up.

They started off pretty epic…

Got a little bit weird…

Back to epic, nice…

I thought this one was actually really cool. Kudos to whoever did this if it wasn’t Noel.

A true throwback with the Kentucky jersey and the pattern we all used to see on paper cups.

What is this?

Comic book style?

This is just mean.

Woah, video gameish.

And another one.

And this one shows us we are in need of some basketball.

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