Why Be A Philadelphia 76ers Fan?


Just the other day, I was sitting in one of my classes minding my own business with my new Jahlil Okafor jersey on and my teacher approached me with one simple question, “Why would you be a Philadelphia 76ers fan?”

If anyone knows me, and most Sixers fans who are still on the ‘trust the Sam Hinkie’ train, you would know that the 76ers live in our blood. At the start of each season, I’ll say that the 76ers won’t make the playoffs, but in my heart I hold strong for the team. Most of my fellow 76ers fans, and all of the writers here at the Sixer Sense, feel the exact same way.

So, with my teacher staring at me waiting for an answer, what I was thinking of doing was to take the easy way out of the question by responding, ‘I live in Philadelphia’. But, I didn’t get the chance.

He preceded to explain how they don’t have a point guard and that they, I quote, “stink.” With him being my teacher, I had to hold in the anger that was developing inside of me. I simply answered him by saying,  “I don’t know”, with the conversation then ending. Boy, did I want to say more, though.

Now, I’m going to take this opportunity to answer that question, “Why be a 76ers fan?” It’s an easy answer for some while a tough question for others.

As I’ve said, many fans will take the shortcut by either saying “I live in the Philadelphia area” or “I’ve been a fan for my whole life”. While that 2nd response is a bit more appropriate, it’s not sufficient.

I’m sure many of you have friends (or former friends) who have decided to become a fan of a different team because of this era of Philadelphia 76ers basketball. Many have and many will continue to do so as they struggle with their young and unproven roster.

For those of you who have remained as true fans of this team, I praise you. Most followers of this site, who I have had communication with, love their Philadelphia 76ers. There are many different reasons to become a fan of this team, (and I welcome you to post in the comments below why you have held true to the Sixers), but for me, the reason for my love of the 76ers is the satisfaction that will come in the future.

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I was born into a non-basketball family. My parents supported me playing sports, but they were never into the NBA. I had to find my love for a team by myself. Born in 1995 in the Philadelphia area, I was too young to truly appreciate Allen Iverson’s impact on the city and the good times from the 76ers in the late 90’s and early 2000’s.

So, I had to develop a love of basketball by myself. Kevin Garnett and Brandon Roy were the two players I fell in love with early on. I loved their style of play and wanted to closely resemble the way Roy played the game. I watched them play and that was the basketball exposure I received.

People around Philadelphia are extremely passionate about their sports. Everyone knows it. It doesn’t matter what the record of the specific team is, whether it is the Eagles, Flyers, or 76ers, you will find passionate and intense fans at each game. It’s hard to live in the Philadelphia area for most of your life and not be drawn in by the teams. So, I started to commit myself to watching games and I couldn’t stop.

I’ve been a committed fan and viewer of Philadelphia 76ers basketball for the past 7 or 8 years now and will always be one for the rest of my life. So, why am I a 76ers fan? I’m waiting for the day that I can laugh at those who doubted the 76ers.

There will be no greater satisfaction then when the 76ers win their next championship. Whether it be in 3 years or 33. It doesn’t matter. I will wait along with the rest of the devoted fans of this great team.

We are 76ers fans because we will always be devoted to this team. No decline in production will turn us away and we will be here, waiting, for when the day comes that the 76ers are relevant once again.

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