Philadelphia 76ers: Players Gearing Up To Win Now


In every offseason in every sport, we always hear players, coaches, and GMs talk about how their teams can, “shock the world,” or are, “looking like a championship team,” even if experts predict them to be at the bottom of the barrel in their sport. What else are they supposed to say? That their team would be bad?

The Philadelphia 76ers are once again seen as a top lottery team with little to no chance of even seeing the 10th seed in the weak Eastern Conference. Most people in the organization understand that, and they know all this losing will payoff in the long run.

In the past two media days, we have heard that winning isn’t important for this Sixers team, yet. Gearing fans up to see two seasons totaling less than 40 games, fans looked forward to the day where they can hear the term “playoffs” and “definitely possible” during media day, and that day came this year. Jerami Grant spoke to reporter Tom Moore and said this:

This may seem like some overly optimistic words coming from a young, win-hungry player, but it speaks volumes to the path this team is taking towards building a successful environment. This year, the Sixers have the most continuity in a Hinkie-era team and have a higher expectation to win slightly more than they did the previous two years. Drafting star Duke center Jahlil Okafor and pairing him with a stud defender in Nerlens Noel, stealing the world and Nik Stauskas from the Sacramento Kings, and the future assets they hold all cause a somewhat hysterical excitement across Sixers nation about the team. Grant sees a team of young players with some NBA experience under their belts and a seemingly future superstar rookie and feels the excitement. As he should.

The expectations for the Sixers aren’t playoffs, but don’t tell these players that. Winning (while developing) is now what the team will focus on, and Brett Brown had realized that towards the end of last season. The offseason moves (mainly the pick swap with the Kings) Hinkie put in place allows for the Sixers to stop needing to “lose to improve” and start improving by gaining confidence after winning NBA games. Grant’s comment shows that this team is hungrier than ever to prove their on the path to greatness, and while playoffs probably won’t pan out for the Sixers this year, the new attitude about winning is inspiring

This isn’t last years team. This is the team that could serve as a stepping stone towards the team that leads Philadelphia to basketball glory. This team is still young, but more talented than last years team, so expect to see more competition on the court. There will still be the nights of growing pains and blow outs, but this team will always have their eyes on the seemingly impossible prize, the playoffs. So, the Grant talk is so much more than just an ultra confident athlete showing his love for his team. It’s a symbol for how the losing culture in Philly will transform really, really, soon.

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