The Philadelphia 76ers Look to Scrap in 2015-2016

A number of Philadelphia 76ers stories of late range from extremely critical to extremely enthusiastic. John Smallwood thinks that General Manager Sam Hinkie failed to get the team to an adequate level of talent for this season.

Smallwood  argues correctly that Joel Embiid and Dario Saric, make the Sixers better immediately, if present. That’s fairly obvious but unfortunately they are absent.

Others speculate of a possible Philadelphia 76er playoff berth, as soon as this season.

Both extreme viewpoints are misguided, and reality is actually quite different. The easiest way to get through this season involves acceptance.

I wish (as do most 76ers fans) we had a healthy Joel Embiid but we don’t. I wish Brett Brown could insert Dario Saric into the lineup on October 28 but he cannot. I wish D’Angelo Russell played point guard for the Sixers but he does not. There’s a lot of reality to accept with the Sixers as far as what they don’t have.

Instead, we need to focus on what we do have, which includes: the potential Rookie of the Year in Jail Okafor, and the potential sophomore of the year in Nerlens Noel. (with an improved jumper)

Continuing the list, the Sixers have a very good head coach and staff, and a team will keep improving defensively.

Lastly, although some are just starting to accept his ways, a very good General Manager in Sam Hinkie.

Go Sixers.