Philadelphia 76ers Rotation Signals Days Of The Process Are Numbered


A season of change awaits the Philadelphia 76ers, as the team and its newcomers seemed primed to finally break out of the leagues basement.

Brighter days are almost certainly ahead for the Philadelphia 76ers. Even after the loss of rookie Ben Simmons to a broken bone in his right foot; Simmons will recover. As will the Sixers. The motions are still in place, and the light is still at the end of the tunnel for us all to see.

However, there is a dark cloud awaiting to hover over the heads of observers and fans (myself included) who lived, breathed, and most importantly trusted, The Process. Well brace yourselves processors, for the end of the Sixers bench will not be the prettiest of views for you.

As the roster stands today, there are still plenty remnants of the team that former team-president and general manager Sam Hinkie left over. But for this take, let’s focus on the role-players Hinkie found through the undrafted free-agent market or through his bevy of second round draft picks that are still around:

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These players are prime examples of how you can benefit from lowered-value prospects. While none will go on to be all-stars in all likelihood. All four players do have real ability in various parts of the game. Whether for the Sixers or not, all have made a compelling case to have a role and place in the league in some fashion.

What’s Next?

With Hinkie now gone, the Sixers have moved on. The team signed veteran guards Jerryd Bayless, Sergio Rodriguez, and Gerald Henderson via free agency. And the team is expecting the debuts of Embiid, Saric, and hopefully at some point this season, Simmons.

With so many additions and so few minutes to go around, its becomes harder to see the role-players Hinkie brought in getting consistent playing time, if any at all. This trend will continue in the near future. Slowly but surely, taking away the raw, hard-working, low-key productive players. Players all processors know and love. Remember though, the Sixers will be a better a team this upcoming season. Ben Simmons or not. Sam Hinkie or not. Under-valued role-players or not. After only 10 wins, with as much talent as the Sixers have, its hard not to improve.

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Wins and Losses aside, this season could also leave a sour taste in the mouths of most Hinkie supporters. Not watching the players that process trusters became so easily attached with. Not watching the guys that exceeded expectations by all means. Or maybe what’s most important, not watching, The Process.