Part 2.0: Is It Time for 76ers Fans to Start Believing in Nik Stauskas?

Just about two weeks ago, a simple question was asked to Philadelphia 76ers fans: Is it time to start believing in third-year shooting guard, Nik Stauskas? Now, it’s time to revisit this question, part two.

After 18 games, the Sauce is still hot. Nik Stauskas is shooting 45.1 percent from three, which is good for third in the Eastern Conference and sixth overall.

In regards to his every-night production, the main thing that Stauskas was struggling to find over his first two seasons in the NBA was consistency. He is showing a fluid stroke from the 3-point line, but how has his productivity been inside the arc?

Out of all guards in the NBA who have played no less than 18 games and have shot at least 50 2-point field goals, Nik Stauskas has the league’s third-highest percentage, with 58.9 (Behind Tim Hardaway Jr. of the Atlanta Hawks and Patty Mills of the San Antonio Spurs).

Now, combining the 3-point shot with the 2-pointer, Stauskas has the second-highest field goal percentage of all guards, who have attempted at least 100 field goals and played 18 games, with 51.2 (behind the aforementioned Patty Mills), which is good for first in the Eastern Conference.

If you guessed that “Sauce Castillo” has a decent true-shooting percentage, you’d be correct. It’s also good for first in the Eastern Conference (minimum of 18 games and 20 minutes per contest). He is second to Mills in the NBA at a 66.2 rate.

The previous article was written after an extremely small sample size, and in theory, 18 games is still somewhat little, in comparison to the full 82-game schedule. Nonetheless, we’re 22.2 percent of the way through the year and the Sauce still burns.