Poll Results and Reactions: Paul George for the First and Fourth Picks?


After hitting the lottery (twice), what would the Philadelphia 76ers do if the Indiana Pacers offered Paul George for the first and fourth picks in the 2017 NBA Draft? The people have decided.

Yesterday, I asked the Twittersphere a question and the outcome was very interesting.

So, what if the Philadelphia 76ers struck gold on lottery night and ended up with the first overall pick (whether it was their own or through a swap with the Sacramento Kings), as well as the fourth (the Los Angeles Lakers 2017 first-round pick, acquired in the 2015 Michael Carter-Williams trade)?

After 736 votes, multiple cases were made and the results were nearly split. 53 percent said no. They rejected the idea of Paul George being gift wrapped to the city of Philadelphia for two draft picks. 47 percent approved.

Here were some of the reactions on Twitter:

What I found most interesting after posing this question was how numerous people were so quick to approve, yet a majority of the voters selected no. As Jordan Brenner, Director of Programming Strategy at Bleacher Report said, it’s a “tough question.”

What if the Philadelphia 76ers declined this offer?

If the Indiana Pacers offered Paul George to the Sixers for the aforementioned two draft picks and Philly declined, they’d walk away with two unknown quantities, rather than a perennial NBA all-star.

This is where the decision becomes difficult. Yes, the draft picks are unknown. Also, yes, the 76ers need a point guard in the worst way (even though Ben Simmons has been appointed floor-general duties when back from his foot injury.

Let’s say the Sixers select Markelle Fultz with the first-overall pick and Dennis Smith Jr. with the fourth. There is your backcourt for the next 10 years. Does this outweigh the fruits of acquiring “PG13?”

Declining this offer could result in the following lineup, with exact positioning up for debate:

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What if the Philadelphia 76ers accepted this offer?

Here is where one may view the lottery night victory as a ticket to a superstar, not a bundle of what-ifs. At this point, you could say Philly is playing with house money. As of right now, we have no idea whats going to happen in regards to the draft order. The Lakers pick could become protected again and the Sixers may not get as lucky as they were this past draft.

Instead of possibly walking away with, let’s say, the fourth pick (if the Lakers pick doesn’t convey and the Sixers pick drops to fourth), you could strike big and leave with Paul George. But, by giving up the first and fourth picks, the unknown could be your worst enemy. Fultz could become John Wall or better and Dennis Smith Jr. may end up being Russell Westbrook.

53 percent of Twitter rejected this offer. But, if the 47 percent had their way, the Sixers would come away with the following roster (once again, exact positioning is still up for debate):

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Sam Hinkie gave 76ers fans an imagination, and with that imagination, it’s hard to ignore what a first-overall selection could become, much like Ben Simmons; let alone having the fourth pick as well. But, Paul George? He’s kind of good, too.