NBA Draft Profiles: Top 5 Point Guards For Philadelphia 76ers

Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports
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This upcoming 2017 draft is stacked at point guard, if you need one now is the time to act. Here’s a rundown of my top 5.

1. Markelle Fultz

On most mock drafts Markelle Fultz has been the consensus top pick. Here’s a rundown on the talented Washington guard.


Height: 6-4

Weight: 195lb

Wingspan: 6-10


Points: 23.1

Assists: 6.2

Rebounds: 5.8

Steals: 1.7

Blocks: 1.4

FG percentage: 48.9

3FG percentage: 40.3

(All stats are as of 21 January)

During Markelle Fultz’s season at Washington he has already shown every tool that a modern day point guard needs to succeed in the NBA nowadays. Whether it’s shooting, passing, weaving through traffic, he can do it all. His efficient play further shows he ready for the big league, at one point Fultz was shooting over 50 percent from three. That figure has slowly dropped off but it’s still at an impressive 40 percent.

His pull-up game is excellent, whenever he comes off of a pick-and-roll and pulls up, whether that be in a defender face or not, he almost always makes it. The the defender goes over the screen then Fultz is crafty enough to either dish the rolling teammate or find a way to weave through the defence for a layup. This kind of versatility will always keep the defender thinking. As time goes on his basketball IQ will only get better, therefore making him one of the best prospects, if not the best, in the draft.

Improve His FT

So far, we haven’t seen any major weaknesses in Fultz’s game.  On the other hand, his low 66 percent from the free throw line is the only concerning aspect of his game, and it’s something that will improve over time. Some analysts say that his laid back approach is worrying, I don’t buy that though. Some feel that this laid back approach affects Fultz’s leadership and as a point guard you need to be the loudest player on the floor. I believe Fultz to be more of a lead by example kind of player.

Despite Washington’s struggles early on, Fultz has still done enough to warrant being first overall come June 22.