Markelle Fultz is a Must Draft for Bryan Colangelo and the Sixers

Mandatory Credit: John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports /

This NBA Draft is loaded with good guard prospects, but none quite as elite as Markelle Fultz. The Philadelphia 76ers should do whatever it takes to draft Fultz

Bryan Colangelo has yet to make a big move since becoming general manager of the Philadelphia 76ers. He traded Jerami Grant, who was nothing more than a role player, for Ersan Ilyasova. Ilyasova appears to be rental for this season so that deal won’t have much long term value unless he is dealt for something bigger. Colangelo doesn’t need to make a move at the deadline this year to make his mark on the Sixers.

Instead, Colangelo should wait until draft night to make an impact deal. Unless the Sixers win the lottery they most likely will not have a shot at drafting Markelle Fultz. This draft class may rival some of the great draft classes we have seen over the years. Some are even comparing it to the 2003 draft. One thing that has become perfectly clear is that Fultz is in a tier of his own.

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The 2017 NBA Draft is extremely point guard heavy. It is projected that at least 5 point guards will be selected in the top 10. Markelle Fultz, Dennis Smith, Lonzo Ball, De’Aaron Fox and Frank Ntilikina are all expected to be selected in the early part of the lottery.

The 2016 draft only had 1 point guard selected in the top 10 and the 2017 draft had only 2. But none of the other point guards in this draft have the tools and potential Fultz posseses.

If the Sixers don’t get the first selection they should package whatever it takes to move up. The Sixers have their own pick this year and the Lakers pick (as long as it falls outside of the top three overall). If, after the lottery, the Sixers own the fourth and sixth pick there is no reason they shouldn’t call the Celtics, Suns or Timberwolves and see if 4 and 6 will get them to 1.

Even if the Lakers win the lottery and get the first pick, Colangelo could offer their own pick back to them in exchange for it. Covington or Noel should not be off the table in any deal if it gets them Fultz.

Don’t let Washington’s 9-14 record fool you, Fultz has been a stud this season averaging 23.2 points, 6.0 assists, 1.3 blocks, 1.6 steals playing 35.8 minutes.

With Simmons and Embiid set to be cornerstones of the Sixers franchise and likely perennial all stars they need to add a scoring threat. With Simmons lacking a jump shot the Sixers need a consistent deep threat, Fultz would fill that position perfectly. He currently has a 47.9 percent field goal percentage and 41.2 3-point percentage.

Fultz will be 19 years old at the time of the NBA draft, and will enter the league with the ability to do it all. He has a lethal pull up jump shot and with his size and handles his floor is so high. He will be the best point guard drafted since Damian Lilliard in 2012. He gets to the free-throw line with ease, but needs to improve on his 64.4 free-throw percentage if he wants to take the next step in his game.

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The Sixers need to add a point guard to this young necleus of players, and Fultz checks all the boxes. The possibility of the combination of Ben Simmons, Joel Embiid and Markelle Fultz is the reason Sam Hinkie started the tanking process in the first place. If Colangelo wants to make the right move in the draft he has to be sure that Markelle Fultz is the pick on draft night.